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Why build a newsletter?

published6 months ago
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Why build a newsletter?

Hey there 👋 Happy Tuesday. You’re joining ~19k+ readers who trust me with their inbox.

Email and newsletter ROI stands at an impressive $36 for every $1 spent.

That’s higher than any other marketing channel.

But why are newsletters SO freakin’ powerful?

It’s a little something writers like to call…

Algorithm-less storytelling

You see, newsletters give people direct control of where they put their attention and time.

Whereas social media wants the audience to spend as much time as possible on their platforms.

Newsletters are a high-signal, low-noise marketing tool.

Why wouldn’t be people onboard? After all, 100% control over content consumption is the dream.

It’s like writing a book, one email at a time.

So, if you’re wondering whether building a newsletter is worth investing time into or not, today I give you 4 reasons why you should take a swing at starting one:

Make people a part of your mission

A founder's job is to establish a vision.

After it’s set in stone, you want to share that vision with your team, your clients, and anybody that’ll buy your team’s product offering.

The hard part is figuring out HOW are you going to share that vision with the world:

  • Cost Effectively.
  • Time Efficiently.

And as least labor intensive as possible.

The perfect answer is usually something that has marketing teams scratching their heads for days.

Are you going to catch up with each person for 1:1 coffee chats and tell them about your company vision?

Are you going to go door to door with pamphlets?

Or maybe set up a 30-second TV at the next Super Bowl?

Here’s one you don’t hear too often that fits the bill:

What if you wrote about the company vision in a newsletter that’s frictionless to read, free to engage with, and easy to follow along?

Newsletters are an incredibly diligent way to make people feel like they belong.

You can talk to them about anything.

You can ask them about their troubles and then solve it for them.

That’s trust building, customer research and amplifying your brand in ONE go.

It doesn’t get better than this.

This is why I’m SO bullish on newsletters.

Own the relationship with your audience

If you live in their inbox, you live in their heart.

Shaan Puri’s newsletter The Milk Road decodes all things crypto. He’s about to reach $1 Million in revenue within 6 months of launch.

What did he do so differently? When so many media outlets are keeping-up-with-crypto, why are people choosing to trust Shaan?

Because he owns that creator-audience relationship.

Unlike any other source of information in and around crypto, The Milk Road gives people what they want. Which is:

“How does crypto affect my life and how do I leverage what’s happening?”

Shaan explains everything in bite-sized nuggets that people can *actually* make sense of.

Newsletters open the doorway to building a value-driven relationship with your prospects.

Build now, leverage later

You don’t have to have a product or a service or a course to sell for you to create a newsletter.

In fact, build a community today that will support you when you do launch something.

And even if you don’t. Your newsletter can become a powerful revenue-generating engine in itself.

The more elite your content is, the highly likely you are to attract paying customers.

The goal isn’t to get a ‘lot’ of readers, it’s to get the ‘right’ readers.

And how do you do that?

Keep reading. 👇

Become a niche of one

A niche of one is when you build something so specific to you that no one else can reproduce it in just the same way.

The wise Naval once said,

A newsletter can help you build immense leverage while building your specific knowledge.

A mind-blowing example of this is The Ferrari Market Newsletter which generates over $2 million ARR with a readership of only 5000 people.

$2 Million, 5000 readers.


Question to ponder upon:

What’s something that you’re SO curious about that if you bet on it, could become a niche that people would associate with you and only you?

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Thanks for reading. I try hard to make it worth your time. Got feedback? Let me know.

Stay outta’ trouble and catch you next week.

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